“Intergenerational Interactions” with Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Lightshed Table Talk #01 – Millennials – “Intergenerational Interactions”
Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Healthy Intergenerational Interactions are essential for many families, churches, and organizations to flourish. Modern technology has undoubtedly changed the medium in which we communicate with one another across the generations—from emails to texts and even video chats. “It’s a give and take proposition— changing all the time and in some really good ways.”


Even among churches, its demographics are also moving towards communities that congregate in age groups, possibly due to the intergenerational challenges. Within these tough conversations, honest “perspective taking” is necessary— not just trading conclusions, but also sharing about how each group arrived at those conclusions. All communication theory boils down to one statement, “Start with agreement and move towards disagreement.” Now, could mentorship be a possible step into forming strong, intergenerational relationships?

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