“Intragenerational Interactions” with Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Lightshed Table Talk #02 – Millennials – “Intragenerational Interactions”
Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Intragenerational Interactions among millennials means that popular Gen Y words —like social media, inclusivity, innovation, dreams and social justice— are often tossed around. The positive aspects of our outlook are often highlighted among ourselves, but how often are we talking about the negative effects of these views and values?


Take for example, social justice. Some replace social justice with evangelism. It is certainly a powerful pairing of the process of evangelism, but we must not forget to declare Jesus while we are doing good. On another note, millennials are big dreamers. This is a completely different perspective than previous generations who navigated career by duty— which no longer carries the prior positive connotation.


The proper combination is one that balances purpose, passion, idealism, and dreams with hard work, faithfulness, integrity, pragmatism and diligence to contribute to thriving individuals.

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