“Living a Counter-public Life” with Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Lightshed Table Talk #04 – Millennials – “Living a Counter-public Life”
Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Living a Counterpublic Life means carrying and implementing a minority perspective that counters the majority public opinion. Being a Christian counterpublic means wanting to have things changed, having a vision to persuade people in power to change, and gathering and motivating people to do change.


We, the church, have often just separated ourselves from the broader culture instead of countering it. Often we became caught up in the familiar argument culture where we all attack each other and don’t try to listen first. Christians actually have an advantage to be counterpublics, because while the world around us is system of devouring each other, we are called to love those who stand against us.


The goal is not to be anti-culture or pro-culture, but the goal is to become Christ-like”—being wise enough to discern what it means to live rightly so.

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