“Causes of Unhealthy Relationships” with Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Lightshed Table Talk #06 – Healing & Reconciliation – “Causes of Unhealthy Relationships”
Dr. Rick Langer and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff

Healing & Reconciliation: Causes of Unhealthy Relationship

When our relationships with people become rocky or even awkward, have you ever imagined, “We were doing fine, but how did we get here? When did it go bad?”

People have a hard time having difficult conversations with one another for three common reasons: “I did have it and it did so poorly never again”, “I have it in my mind and I imagine it going poorly”, “I have no strategy to tackle it.”

When we do move towards reconciliation, it causes bitterness which is anger that cemented. Emotional contagion means that the negative vibe you have brewing inside of you bleeds onto other people. This emotional state seems normal to us now because since the fall in the Eden, our compass has been broken. This deep negativism and cynicism has now become engraved in our culture.

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