Special baptism event for the Korean Army Training Center

This video clip is about the special baptism event for the Korean Army Training Center in Nonsan City in Korea. Roughly 5,000 Korean and U.S. soldiers and American Christian broadcasting personnel gathered together at the Yeonmudae Military Church in South Chungcheong Province on 8/6/2016 to take part in the country’s largest-ever baptism ceremony.

The ceremony was held as part of the 60th anniversary of the Far East Broadcasting Company’s establishment in Korea and was officiated by FEBC – Korea’s chairman, the Rev. Kim Jang-hwan, also known as Billy Kim — one of the country’s most prominent Christian evangelists and former president of the Baptist World Alliance from 2000 until 2005.

Along with the thousands of local soldiers, 40 local Baptist church ministers, 22 American ministers and U.S. military chaplains participated in the religious milestone event. The event was also a way of thanking the U.S. military personnel for their past sacrifices in the once war-torn country.

You will see how God loves the country, and we pray that God will use these young sons to bring His kingdom to the world! 🙂

Heartwarming and amazing!

2016년 8월 6일(토)
극동방송 창사 60주년을 맞이해 열린 논산육군훈련소 진중침례식.
극동방송 이사장 김장환 목사님을 비롯해 국내외 60여 명의 목사님들이 장병 5천여 명에게 한 곳에서 침례를 준 역사적인 시간!
한국 기독교의 미래를 책임질 청년들의 새 생명을 얻는 감동적인 모습을 지금 만나봅니다!

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